JustOneThing365 and NexGard® Bring You A Heartwarming Campaign

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JustOneThing365 is a South African non-profit company on a mission to change our world. Their slogan is, Because ‘Doing Good’ Should Be A Way Of Life.

Their goal, in a nutshell, is to uplift the lives of others – be it human, animal or our planet. How?
By empowering and inspiring people and organisations to make ‘doing good’ a daily habit. They believe making a difference is easy when you do just one thing, every day – #JustOneThing365.

JustOneThing365 team members are constantly working on simple, practical ideas to create impactful campaigns and events that will make a positive difference, across various sectors. They do this with the help of several partners which can include individuals, celebrities, brands, organisations, the government and schools.

Since the welfare of vulnerable pets is their highest priority, JustOneThing365 was excited to
welcome NexGard® on board.

They also know that, besides causing discomfort, ticks and fleas can affect the overall health of pets and human beings. These parasites can even endanger lives, if left untreated.

NexGard® is the proud, official partner of the #JustOneThing365 #ForTheAnimals #InOurSkins campaign. As a new JustOneThing365 tribe member, NexGard® is helping this inspiring non-profit company expand their reach across South Africa by providing three months’ tick and flea treatment for the official campaign shelters.

The attention-grabbing #InOurSkins campaign consists of three important parts namely ADOPT A SHELTER PETTHE BLANKET DRIVE and raising funds for the campaign shelters’ vet bills. Currently 69 celebrities are actively helping to promote these causes.

Wondering why the#justonething365 #fortheanimals #InOurSkins ambassadors are ‘naked’? The answer is quite simple: They’re representing the vulnerability of pets in need that have nothing but their ‘skins’ to keep them warm this winter.

for JustOneThing365


NexGard® (from Boehringer Ingelheim)

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