Our Philosophy

If you do just one thing, 365 days a year, to uplift the life of another – be it human, animal or our planet – you can directly impact the lives of 14610 beings in just 40 years – even if just in a small way. Indirectly, countless.

We can change our our world overnight!

Our Purpose

So many people want to help but don’t know how, where to start or are limited in their time and financial resources. This is why JustOneThing365 exists!
We exist to help you make a positive difference in the world.

Our Mission

JustOneThing365 is on a mission to change our world by empowering and inspiring people and organisations to make ‘doing good’ a daily habit.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

The ‘Do Good’ Platform

JustOneThing365 is the go-to platform for positive social impact – delivering a
practical means to achieve things that change the world, inspire happiness and fulfil your purpose.
JustOneThing365 was officially launched on 11 September 2015 with the intention of making ‘doing good’ easy, practical and inclusive so that it becomes a lifestyle.
We are an online platform of practical ideas which you can integrate into your daily life and help you replace current habits which do not serve the greater good.
Sometimes all you need is a good idea to spark enthusiasm and start a ripple effect.
We also create and execute memorable and inspiring local and global social
impact campaigns for NGO’s, communities, business, schools and government, that make a positive impact across all sectors.

About the Founder

Petra Laranjo is a purpose-driven inspirational speaker, published author of ‘Living On Purpose. The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others’,
image specialist and personal development coach who is mildly obsessed with making a difference in the world and inspiring others to do the same.

Petra has rallied her extensive network of industry experts, local and global brands, celebrities, media and individuals to embrace JustOneThing365 as part of their contribution as global citizens, to live with purpose and address
issues affecting human and animal lives, as well as our planet.

www.petralaranjo.com / petra@petralaranjo.co.za

Because ‘Doing Good’ Should Be A Way Of Life


The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others is a personal  and business growth book in which  myself and over 40  global leaders share insights on how you too can work and live with purpose, passion and impact.

10% of direct book sales go to charity. Click here to order your copy

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